Hazardfactory is Alarmed to Present: The Eighth annual Powertool Drag Races June 8th 2013 at noon.

May 22, 2013

Location: The races will be held on the lot behind Jules Maes in Georgetown, adjacent to the Stables, the street address is 980 S Nebraska Street 98108.

Pre-Race activities: We will be hosting at least one build night. We will have a section of track set up for testing purposes.  Proceeds from the build night will help  support the costs of the race.


There are generally nefarious activities afoot. Join in the fray at hazardfactory on facebook. If you are interested in volunteering try getting in touch on the facebook page https://www.facebook.com/events/477640098973015/ We will be setting up on Friday June seventh starting at about five p.m. and striking the show on Saturday June 8 immediately after it concludes at probably about eight p.m.

Race catagories: Our fluid race nomenclature includes awards based on a variety of Criteria.

You can win a “Jesus built my hot-rod” trophy by simply being fastest,

Or, the “It just Sucks” by building a speedy racer based on a Vaccum Cleaner.

Or, “Something Wicked this way comes” by making something overtly terrifying.

Or, “The “S” car-go” by building the very slowest.

or, the “Sparklepony” by being the MOST FABULOUS racer and having the best half time show.

or, the prestigous “Hold my beer and Watch this”  by holding my beer and watching this.

We would love to see a stiff competition for the “Titanic”

or a worthy survivor capable of recieving one of our new “Death race” trophies, all your racer has to do is survive multiple high speed collisions and a variety of punishing obstacles.

If you are that special kind of special, we probably have a trophy, just for you.

After all, if you just know you have WON, then, hey, we are fairly sure you might have too.

Pre-registration: Racers will be asked to pre-register at 11 a.m. on June 8th and pay a nominal registration fee. We will run pre-registered racers first. We will attempt to allow everyone to race, we cannot  guarantee races for unregistered competitors.

Watch this space and the HAZARDFACTORY  FACEBOOK page for build/test nights!!  Please post pictures of your racers on the facebook page.

and yes, Hazardfactory is spelled as one word, it’s called SEO peeple.  And yes, you will be harassed endlessly for spelling it rong!

Flaming Tetherball unleashed.

August 2, 2012

Thanks to Sol Neelman of weird sports and Micheal King of King five news, Flaming tetherball, a sport invented by our own Rusty Oliver, is now officially a part of Seattle thriving subculture of Sports that people who have forgotten how to have fun basically can’t understand.

We are forming an international league, interested parties will be able to play on a regularly scheduled basis using the rules we have developed to minimize the potential for injury.

For those of you who reflexively shout “SAFETY THIRD” congratulations, for the rest, bear in mind that most sports have started as this kind of dumb thing people do, think of say, polo, jousting, golf, boxing, curling, bowling, and baseball, which at some point develops a few basic tenets which help keep the stack of bodies from obstructing the view and or preventing the atheletes from developing any real skill as thier injury rate is too high.

Boxing gloves, athletic cups, mouthguards, helmets. these are tools that professional athletes use to help ensure thier career is not cut unduly short.

We at Hazardfactory pride ourselves on our nuanced and well exercised ability to evaluate and cope with exotic risks. As such we are in a better position than most to evaluate the pros and cons of participating in a game involving a flaming object at high speeds.

Ultimately, it is safer than getting into a car. Or riding a bicycle in traffic, yet these are things we do all the time.

Notwithstanding, there will be the strident self-appointed guardians of personal safety that will decry a reasonable exercise of personal freedom in the pursuit of happiness.

They have no reasonable argument, lacking which, they have no authority over adults whom are ultimately responsible for, and far more personally committed to thier own safety.

Watch this space for news!

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Powertool Drag Racing Saturday June 9th 2012!

February 27, 2012

Thanks to Hackerfriendly for mentioning us in his Recent Makeblog!  Foundry-work is an awesome and incredibly simple tool capable of making works of limitless complexity. Casting aluminum is just good clean fun.


The upcoming races will be making several significant format changes.

Location: The races will be held inside a fenced lot in Georgetown Star Brass Works, 5813 Airport Way S, Seattle WA.

This will allow us to set up BLEACHERS which will improve visibility.

Pre-Race activities: We will be hosting many many build nights. These will be ticketed, you will be asked to pay a ticket fee for access to tools and advice that will make you a contender.

Race catagories: Our fluid race nomenclature will be explained in writing, well in advance of the race. You will be better able to prepare your racer for THE WIN! by having a clearer sense

of what we might call a victory.

Pre-registration: Racers will be asked to pre-register and pay a nominal registration fee. We will run pre-registered racers first. We will attempt to allow everyone to race, we cannot  guarantee races for unregistered competitors.

Watch this space and the HAZARDFACTORY  FACEBOOK page for build/test nights!!

and yes, Hazardfactory is spelled as one word, and yes, you will be harassed endlessly for spelling it rong!

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July 29, 2011

Our C.E.L interviewed with the fine http://www.northwestxposure.com/ crew. If you want to read some backstory here you go! They specialize in spotlighting bleeding edge local artists so
be sure to check them out.

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Mult-plex of projects

The time of the float upon the Duwamish is approaching. We will, for reasons best left alone, set upon the Duwamish in small craft and float it’s industrial shoreline at night.
This activity is organized for our army of awesome, hardworking and mostly shaven volunteers who make it all happen for everyone all the time.
Date is tbd but hopefully will happen before the big desert dirtrave in late august.

Our C.E.L. is currently collaborating with a few friends on a work that will ROAST SEAR AND CHAR an unsuspecting piece of meat. It is deliberately elaborate and overbuilt. With a little luck it will also produce a nice little flame tornado when not engaged in the central activity, notable the aforementioned ROAST SEAR CHAR.

Also Volis is going back on the table in short order, stay tuned.

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Hack-Cycle at West Seattle Summerfest!!

July 3, 2011

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The SIXTH annual Powertool Drag Races! Thanks and footnotes!

June 12, 2011

The show this year was among our very best. We produced some of the best electromechanical stunts ever and concluded the show by launching a worm drive skill saw into low orbit.

Our Sources at NASA indicate orbit will begin decay in 47 hours and the race-tool will plunge into the Indian Ocean. We are not planning recovery efforts at this time.


We enjoyed enthusiastic participation, many people came out to race this year, almost 30% more than last year and we witnessed fine examples of folk sculpture, inspired depravity and a few non-classifiable items which help further the argument for socialized mental health-care.


Our brief post-show analysis has pointed the way toward even more highly refined forms of hs/jc/omfg! and given us serious food for thought. We are contemplating an expansion into a two day format and hope to provide an equipped pit-area.


Feedback is sincerely welcome, especially if it is cogent and erudite and it is best accomplished by emailing rusty at hazardfactory dot org   or posting at HAZARDFACTORY    facebook page. Please note this fb addy carefully, all caps all one word. There is a similar adress which has been abandoned.

It is absolutlely impossible to do a show of this size and type without assistance. it has been a pleasure and an honor to direct the attentions and efforts of so many talented motivated and intelligent persons. and to have the generous support of our local businesses.

We relied on over thirty volunteers this year and maintained an excellent fun to grunt ratio as a result.

I would like to make a point of thanking the especially hardcore in our group:


Paul Thibault: Excessive fabrication, heavy lifting.

Susan Barth: Cat herding.

Mattress Thibault: Annunciationa-thon

Colleen: Bringing the pre-natal volunteers! A First!

Miriam: Volunteering while in a leg cast. HARDCORE!

Cris Train and Misty: Thanks for the LOUD!



I would also like to note the assistance of several of our close Allies.

Hardware: For sharing the heaviest part of the grunt with us, and having the foresight to put extra barricade up behind our backstop, Fanfuckingtastic.

Titanium Sporkestra: For tough gritty extra difficult work related stress disorder removal.

The Georgetown Merchants Assosciation: You know who you are.

Sara McChristainsen: Refer to Bjork’s title: army of Me.


IT IS WITH DEEP REGRET THAT I THANK CRIS AND ZACH WHOM ARE MOVING AWAY TO THE LAND OF BEER AND BRATS WHERE ENGINEERS GROW ON TREES. We have come to rely upon your humor, friendship and blisteringly bright technical savvy and it has been a real pleasure creating and destroying new works of art with you. We cannot overstate your contribution and probably will have a hard time flying to Germany to visit. please ask Germany to fly us over.  If you two were any more Awesome, Bill Gates would buy you so that he didn’t have to bother making microsoft competative. If we don’t basically crumble, then we will miss you and regard the period of time you spent with HAZARDFACTORY as the Zenith.

                                                            On the behalf of Hazardfactory,   Thank you.


 I am working to set up a post-show party for volunteers and fanatics. I hope to retain the Central cinema for a six year retrospective. Otherwise a guerilla show will be staged elsewhere in the city.  Watch this page and facebook for updates.











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Hazardfactory Frequently Presents: Power Tool Drag Racing!

May 26, 2011

The Races will begin at TWO p.m.  June eleventh 2011 at the corner of 12th ave S and S Harney  across from Fantagraphics and All City Coffee in Georgetown.

Please show up a bit early and sign up. We ask racers for a 20$ donation, we ask everyone for donations, constantly.

We have had the pleasure and privilege of presenting this show to interested engaged and enthusiatic crowds with lightning fast reflexes for almost half a decade.

Please bear in mind that even as a member of the audience you have certain standards to which you can and should aspire. Feel free to be megawatt awesome, be the party, exude a sticky but undeniable charisma, otherwise I heard there is this great movie at the mall or something…..else…to do..

If you are at all willing to help please contact Rusty Oliver rusty(at)hazardfactory (dot ) org.

Many hands make light work and our day-of event workload has gotten steadily lighter every year thanks to the enthusiastic efforts of our friends and community at large.

HAZARDFACTORY will be hosting a few build and test days.  For example, this friday  the 27th and and tuesday the 31rst from five pm on.

Watch this space for dates, show up, make something, weld something, improve your racer, test it in a track, or just mock the competition and opine authoritatively.

Race technical data, rules-ish and so forth are HERE: http://www.hazardfactory.org/?page_id=185

We cannot do this without support, so if you love the races, this is who you really love.. and as long as they consent, well, that’s at least okay. Hopefully a bit better than just that.

Sara, benign dictator of Georgetown, Owner Calamity Janes

Larry, Fantagraphics Comics, a returning PTDR champion.

Scott, Nine Pound Hammer Lorrettas Northwesterner.

Erica, Duchess of Full Throttle Bottle

A Dogs Dream

Sandbox Sports Seattle

Georgetown Liqour  Company

Georgetown Merchants Assosciation

Secret Service Houscleaning. http://www.secretservicehousekeeping.com/

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Honkfest After Party AKA Susan Barths’ Birthday Bash!

May 12, 2011

This Friday May thirteenth 2011 Hazardfactory is alarmed to present:


                Honkfest After Party AKA Susan Barths’ Birthday Bash!


Doors open at 10:30, this is a fundraiser benefiting Honkfest and Hazardfactory. $10 at the door.

Address 7800 seventh ave s. cross st Chicago. please use a gps or ask google. elaborate directions are waaaay down this page.


There will be marching Bands, something involving either fire or high voltage or both probably, food, beverages, maybe cake even, if you are pleasant, or if you know Susan, both……


There will be authentic handcrafted industrial grime and no-place to sit, and if you care it’s only because you are not dancing, which, basically, is a problem.


No Minors,  miners may be okay, but no minor miners and no major miners either, coal sucks.


The party never stops, we just go home to rest once in a while.




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Hzardfactory presents: Burning Bridge a Southpark Cinco De Mayo fire-show- o


I wanted to Thank everyone for making this happen.  It is never easy to stage an art show of this kind, particularly with limited time.

Bill Pease of ECOSS worked with the City to obtain permitting.  Jen Nye helped co-ordinate with the rest of the festival.

Paul Ramsey, our newest HF crewmember, helped get the show ready by reviewing  all the gear and making the final hour propane run.

Tyler and Frank  rallied the percussion talent  at the last minute, and Sara Johnson of (HF) and  Spinergy brought in her Fire Performance troupe.

Marsh, Cris, Willow, James, and  Sylvie  helped set and strike the gear. Many hands make light work, I hope everyone enjoyed themselves and I expect we will be asked to so something

similar again soon…..


As in tomorrow night Friday at 10:30 for the 13th at Hazardfactory for the Honkfest after-party…….. 

Which means that prep has already been underway for some time and that tonight and tomorrow will involve a lot of  eventmaking work. 

Which means metaphorically shout Geronimo and again  leap into the cool embrace of hurtling air.


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